Frequent Questions for Live2Fish




What Language does the crew speak?
The Crew speaks English.
Where do you pick up Cruise ship passengers from?
We can pick up right by the Port, at Prince George Wharf. About a 10 minutes walk to the right outside of the terminal.
Where do you pick up from?

We pick up and drop off at the dock from various docks. Margarittaville on Paradise Island, at the bottom the bridges and this is a $6.25 charge, paid directly to the security at the dock. Montague dock, for those on the Eastern side of the island or renting a car.  Prince George Wharf, Downtown, for our cruise ship passengers or those staying out west.  As well as we can pick up from private docks, if permission is granted.

Who is on the boat with you?
How many crew members are there? Usually, it is the Captain and the first mate but sometimes there is a second mate onboard.

All charters are private. Only you and your family and friends will be with you.

How far out do you go fishing?
It usually takes 25-35 minutes, to get to the first fishing spot.
How much does it cost?

4 hours – $999 Per Trip
8 hours – $1899 Per Trip
Custom Trip – $1499+ Per Trip

Optional Lunch Package:

$30/person – Chicken
$45/person – Steak

Are kids considered “people”?

Yes, the are; and the are a part of the total headcount.

How do I pay?

We accept MasterCard and Visa.  You may email in the information or we can call you for it.

What are cancellation policies?

Please go to our policy page for this. However, the Captain determines if a trip should be canceled because of unsafe weather. We do go out in the rain.  If the Captain cancels, we will try to move you to another date if possible.  If not, we will credit you or refund you.  You can cancel up to 1 month before and get a full refund or 2 weeks before 50% refund.

What if we want to extend our time?

It is possible to extend your time if we don’t have a trip booked after you. Please inform the Crew and he will call the office for approval and they can run your card.  

How far offshore will we go during a deep sea fishing charter trip?

On average 7-15 miles unless requested otherwise. Usually about 25 minutes drive.

Is the Boat wheelchair accessible?

Yes! We have had many wheelchairs, strollers and baby carriers on the boat.

What do they do with the fish you catch?

The fish will be cleaned and filleted to prepare for cooking for with your lunch order at an additional fee; otherwise it is taken by the crew. Smaller undersized fish or bigger species like the sailfish and Marlin are released after the catch, as the law requires.

What is there to eat on the boat?

There are no restaurants on the ocean. We offer a fabulous lunch at an additional cost for $30 for grilled chicken or $45 for grilled steak lunch, per person. When purchasing lunch, the crew will clean and cook your catch as well. Totally worth it!
If not you can bring whatever you wish.

What is there to drink on the boat?

We provide coolers of ice, with water and some sodas. Feel free to bring anything you wish to add to the coolers. If you would like for us to purchase beers or anything else please let us know in advance and we can add this to your cost.

What time does the boat leave?

8am sharp. Please know that your time starts at 8am. If you are late, unfortunately this can cut into your time as we may have an afternoon trip. The afternoon trip leaves at 1pm.

Will I have to sign a waiver?

Of course! Before leaving the dock, a liability waiver must be signed.

What if the waves start to get rough?

The Captain will always put safety first. If you have a fishing charter booked, he will try his hardest to go behind cays to keep you in nicer areas. Remember we have no control of the ocean but we will be sure to keep you safe.

Should a person bring any equipment?

No, all necessary equipment for fishing and snorkeling are provided.

What happens if it rains?

You get wet! If the weather is too bad to go out, you will be reimbursed. However, rain does not stop us.

What should I wear and bring?

We do recommend you wear a swimsuit and to bring a hat, shorts, t-shirt, sunglasses and sun block, a jacket and of course, your camera.

Is there a bathroom on board?
Do you provide Transportation from my hotel to the marina dock?

Transportation is not included, but we will give you advice about the best way to get to the nearest public dock.  Some private docks require you to pay a fee.

How about seasickness?

Seasickness depends on the individual and the conditions of the sea the day you go fishing. We recommend that if you do not know if you get seasick, that you take a commercial motion sickness medication or use the wrist bands or patches that go behind the ear. It is not a bad idea to ask your doctor beforehand. If someone does get to the point where we must go in, please know there is no refund. So, you can help chum the fish.  The Captain can take you to the beach if you can’t handle it. 

Do you do trolling or bottom fishing?

Depends on the weather conditions of that day and the fish we target, we may do either or; however, the boat is always equipped for both.  We would reccomend bottom fishing for families and kids for sure.  

How much tip should I give?

Generally for good to excellent service a 15%-20% tip is given if the crew is appropriate, but again is up to you.  Tip is not added in the price and is usually given in cash at the end of the trip.

What are the Fishing Laws in the Bahamas?






This document has been prepared by the Department of Marine Resources to assist the public in their understanding of the Fisheries Regulations that concern sports fishing in The Bahamas.

Questions or comments may be referred to the Department of Marine Resources at 242-393-1777 (telephone), 242 –393-0238 (facsimile) or (email).


In sports fishing the following rules apply- (a) a person shall fish by the traditional method of angling with a hook or lure attached to a line held in

the hand or attached to a pole, rod or reel;

(b) a person, unless otherwise authorized by the respective permit, shall not use a spear, a fish trap, or a net other than a landing net;

(c) each vessel shall use not more than 6 rods or reels unless the operator is in possession of a permit authorizing the use of more rods or reels;

(d) any migratory fishery resource (such as Kingfish, Dolphin, Tuna or Wahoo) that is caught shall not in total exceed eighteen fish aboard the vessel at any time;

(e) any Billfish (such as Marlins, Sailfish or Swordfish) caught shall be returned to the sea unharmed except where landed under the terms of an approved sports fishing event or tournament; and

(f) no vessel have on board at any time -(i) turtle (ii) conchs, exceeding six; (iii) crawfish, exceeding ten; or (iv) other demersal fishery resources exceeding sixty pounds or twenty fish.

(2) The limitation specified in (1)(d), (e) and (f) shall also apply to a Bahamian vessel engaged in fishing for purposes other than commercial by persons who are not Bahamians.

(3) A fishery inspector shall be permitted to enter and inspect a vessel that has engaged in sports fishing. (4) For the purposes of this regulation permanent residents would be treated the same as Bahamians. Part XV General

  1. (1) Without prejudice to the foregoing regulations, no person shall for commercial purposes export any fishery product or fishery resource, sea-shell or coral unless-

(a) he holds a license from the Minister on behalf of the product or resource he wishes to export; (b) the product or resource is presented to a fisheries inspector at the time of exportation; and (c) the export duty on such product or resource as may be specified in the Second Schedule is paid.

(2) Subject to paragraph (1) no person shall take out of The Bahamas migratory fishery resource which consists in total of more than six Kingfish, Dolphin and Wahoo or ten pounds of conch or crawfish or more than twenty pounds of other demersal fishery resource.

(3) Subject to paragraph (1), a foreign vessel engaged in sports fishing for which a permit was issued under regulation 47 shall, on leaving The Bahamas, be allowed to export the amount of fishery products aboard that vessel in accordance with the catch limits under regulation 48.

What are your policies?





Cancellations made 1 month in advance will get a full refund.  2 weeks before 50% refund.  Less than 2 weeks there will be no refund.

Live 2 Fish does run in the rain, but we do cancel tours at times based on unsafe conditions; this decision is made by our Captains. If a charter is canceled due to weather, this decision is made in our sole discretion; all prepaid tickets will be refunded or rescheduled.


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Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us at: Live 2 Fish, SS-19731, Nassau, Bahamas;

Call us at +1 (242) 805-0700 or send an email to or info@Live2.Fish

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions



 A confirmation will be emailed to you. This does not have to be printed but the credit card used and matching identification should be presented upon arrival.

 Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. This ticket expires 30 minutes after your scheduled departure time and is only valid for the specified charter. Rebooking is subject to availability and additional fees will apply (however, smiles from our crew are free).

 This booking is intended for the sole use of the purchaser and may not be transferred or resold. Live 2 Fish reserves the right to cancel cruises without notice or refuse to board any passenger for safety or other reasons.  If there is unsafe weather, maintenance issues, or an emergency arrises, we do have a right to cancel without notice with good cause.

 ***Tickets have no cash value and are non-refundable.




 Unfortunately there are no refunds unless authorized.

All cancellations must be made by the Captain due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. If so then you will receive a full refund.
All other cancellations must be made at least 30 days before the scheduled date to get a full refund or 14 days for 50% refund.
Your payment will be forfeited for any other reason.

Please know that Live 2 Fish does not give a refund if your ship diverts to another port for any reason.  Please be sure to verify the port of arrival is Nassau.  All payments must be made in full via credit card or direct deposit 1 month before departure date.

Should you have any questions on this matter please contact the office at 242-805-0700, Gina will be glad to help.

 Thank you for sailing with us, enjoy your charter.